Friday, May 20, 2011

Who Edited Obama's Birth Certificate?

The press seems quite content to accept or propose that Obama's birth certificate was edited by some well meaning individual solely to make it "more legible."  Thus while they acknowledge the editing, they pass it off as harmless.

That the birth certificate was edited, on a MAC, in photoshop, is indisputable (see for example Jerome Corsi, of World Net Daily and author of Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President, agrees.

So, given that everyone acknowledges the edits, and given that they were done for aesthetic reasons, one must ask:  Why hasn't the editor come forward?  Or, more importantly: Why hasn't the White House identified the benign editor?  If I were the individual who took the original scan, and subsequently "cleaned it up," on my own accord, I would have immediately made this known once the controversy began.

How simple it would be to say, "Wait a minute - there is no conspiracy here.  I have the original file.  Here it is.  And here are my changes.  I was only trying to help."  Conversely, the White House should have immediately put the matter to bed by saying, "Yes, we posted an edited birth certificate to make it more legible.  However, here is the original, and here is the individual that cleaned it up for us."

Since neither of these has happened, one can only assume that the birth certificate was altered nefariously at best, and created out of whole cloth at worst.

When one scans a document, the name of the scanner goes with the file (i.e. Epson or Xerox), and stays with the file, even during edits.  In this case, the source of the file is not a scanner, but rather MAC OSX 10.  This is not a scanner, it is an operating system on an Apple computer.  A computer is not a scanner, thus, it appears the birth certificate was created in Photoshop on a Mac computer, presumably from imported and created images.

This is why no one can come forward and say, "I made the edits, and here is the original."  There simply is no original that matches the posted item to any acceptable degree.

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